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Energy efficiency auditing and certification of civil structures

Energy efficiency auditing have following purposes:
• identification of building construction elements, electrical and HVAC systems, measuring and calculation of energy characteristics, estimating the potencial of energy consumption reduction;
• develop energy efficiency measures;
• technical and economy evaluation of energy efficiency measures;
• calculating the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) due to energy efficiency measures implementation.

After completing the energy efficiency audit, energy efficiency certificate is issued. If this certificate is issued with energy class from A to G.
For buildings exploited before 1 January 2005 certificates with energy class B, C or D guarantee some tax reliefs.

Efektiva is also working with "Energy Efficiency and green economy". of Ministry of Economy, Energy and Turism.

Accordance evaluation of energy efficiency project section

This part is needed for every new project of civil structure building.

Energy passports for civil structures

Energy efficiency auditing of boiler and HVAC systems of buildings

Energy effciency auditing of industrial systems