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Efektiva Ltd. has made over 300 energy efficiency audits and over 200 accordance evaluations of energy efficiency project section of different administrative, industrial and other civil structures.

Some known projects are:

Нова Ко кино Арена Cinema complexes Arena East and Arena Mladost Sofia
Bulgarian National Bank main building and all buildings in Bulgaria
Нова Ко Citi Centre City Centre Sofia Mall
Mega Park Complex Sofia
Нова Ко Porsche Porsche Centre and New Television building Sofia
Нова Ко техномаркет "Technomarket" stores
Нова Ко интерпред Interpred World Trade Centre Sofia
Нова Ко Кемпински Kempinski Grand Arena Bansko

After energy efficiency audits of Efektiva Ltd. with financial aid of OPRD, "Energy efficiency fund", EBRD, "Kozlodui" fund are implemented energy efficiency measures in many civil structures in Bulgaria – munisipalities of Silistra, Kazanluk, Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Pernik and etc.